Xbox Series S: id Software fears the technical gap of the new console

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Developers of Id Software they expressed their concerns about the new born of the house Microsoft products, Xbox series s. It seems that the software house of DOOM is quite perplexed about the technical specifications of the “younger sister” that will accompany the release of Xbox Series X, scheduled for November 10 2020. The price certainly made us reflect on the decisive move by Redmond, in fact it will be $ 200 less compared to the more performing version ($ 499 for Series X and $ 299 for Series S): this would justify the technical gap between the two consoles.

Series S will present itself to the public with a decidedly improved technical sector compared to the previous One, therefore more powerful and guaranteeing next-gen performance. Some developers, however, point out the memory differences with the Series in their computational power compared. Here is the statement of Microsoft products on the official blog:

Xbox Series S delivers 4x the processing power of an Xbox One console and supports experiences up to 120fps, more immersive and responsive gameplay with support for hardware-accelerated DirectX Ray Tracing and Variable Rate Shading. Additionally, the Xbox Series S includes 512GB of custom SSD storage and is powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture, delivering more than 40x the I / O bandwidth of an Xbox One resulting in faster load times, more stable frame rates. and Quick Resume for multiple titles. 

While Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X enjoy technical similarity, Series S doesn't get the most out of GPU power, which means less powerful and slower: 16 GB of GGDR6 RAM for Series X versus 10 GB of GGDR6 RAM within Series S. For id Software developers, the memory issue would be a fact not to be underestimated, in fact BIlly Khan e Alex Gneiting admit possible difficulties in adapting next-gen games to the small Series S. Conversely, the senior programmer Dustin Land, stated that, although the console is entirely digital and significantly weakened, in the end we are talking about a machine powerful enough to be absolutely interesting as a first purchase:

The S is significantly weakened compared to the X (4 vs 12,5 TFLOPS / 20 vs 52 CU) but is still much more robust than a base One, ”Land said on Twitter. “It's a good option for Xbox exclusives if you buy a PS5 and don't want to buy another expensive console.

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