Xbox Series S: can we reveal the new August event?

Several times we have talked, and not only us, about the possible reveal of a second home console of Microsoft products which could be called Xbox series s (the elusive Xbox Lockhart which has been talked about for a long time now). To date it has never been announced or officially revealed, but according to some of the most recent rumors, the hypothetical "entry level" of the next generation could be revealed during the event in August.

Phil Spencer, in a recent interview, he stated that in the hottest month of the year there could be a new one Xbox 20/20. Microsoft recently held theXbox Games Showcase which somehow canceled the Xbox 20/20 of July, but not for this reason the month of August cannot be a window to talk about Series X and all its features, in addition to the possibility of the announcement of the Xbox Series S and the exact date of the debut.

We believe that, in the event of a reveal of the second next-gen console, Microsoft will formalize once and for all at least the launch price, the latter being directly connected to a lower cost than the main machine while maintaining the main technical characteristics that make it a next generation console. All that remains is to wait for more information on the precise date of the event and find out what Phil Spencer will have to say and show us.

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