Xbox: Phil Spencer denies any negotiations between Xbox and Japanese software houses

The launch of Xbox Series X / S it has now happened and the new generation of consoles has officially begun. To open the dance was precisely Microsoft products with its Xbox division which, in recent months, has always been very attentive but above all active in communication and in the acquisitions of new companies to ensure a brighter future than ever for the new distributed consoles. After the purchase of Bethesda, the most recurring rumors on the internet spoke of a negotiation between the company of the Redmond house and the Japanese giant SAW. Microsoft has not always enjoyed an excellent market in Japan, dominated by the two giants PlayStation and Nintendo.

However, following an interview with GameSpot, Phil Spencer has declared that the market of the rising sun is a priority, but at the moment there are no plans to acquire Japanese software houses. These are the words released by the division's number one:

I really don't think such a thing will happen. I mean, I'm certainly not attending all company meetings, I'm just referring to what I know. Most of the opportunities we've offered to date (Japanese developers, ed) have been preceded by a long-term relationship, so I don't think we're out there, with our business card, throwing developers around the corner to search to hire them.

The Asian market in general, for Microsoft, has always been a difficult ground to plant on even if, with the launch of the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, and with the service of the Game Pass to make it the icing on the cake, we believe that even Xbox will be able to have its say in these years that will reveal the good, or bad, the new generation of the green giant in Japan. Did you receive your console on day one?

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