Xbox One S: a second version of the console coming?

The current period is undoubtedly full of news and interest in the two upcoming next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X, however, according to an image disclosed on social media in the past few hours, a new version of Xbox One S it could be announced shortly here. Although it is a strange news, especially in a moment like this, this morning a user in particular has spread through the Twitter platform a photo taken by his phone, quite curious and interesting: you can view it in the tweet that we have left at the bottom of this news.

The player in question points out that within the Target, an application run by the eighth US retailer, a second version of Microsoft's console would appear. In particular, we can see that the space of is specified in the object name 1 terabyte and the words "V2". In addition to this, the price is also indicated, equivalent to well dollars 299.99. For the uninitiated, just last month the US company had production stopped of Xbox One S: the action had immediately made us think that it had served to prepare for the arrival of Xbox series s, the cheapest version of Xbox Series X, however at this point we can hypothesize something else.

Logically we are not aware of anything else and, as far as we know, it could also have been a simple mistake, even if it is hard to believe: and you, how do you imagine a more updated version of the existing console? Would you be willing to buy it? Did you know that yesterday a rumor about a possible union between EA Play e Xbox Game Pass?

Possible console revision for Xbox One S? This just appeared in our system at Target @ Wario64

- Private Biscuit (@Pvt_Biscuit) August 16, 2020

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