Xbox Live: Microsoft officially changes the name of the service

Just yesterday we talked to you about the silent but effective modification that Microsoft products, more precisely the division Xbox, was making the networking function available on the family consoles Xbox. You all will know Xbox Live, the apparatus of the online system that is part of the various gaming machines. From today, however, as was in the process, there will be a name change. The brand Xbox Live it will in fact become Xbox Network. As you can see, come on tweet posted at the bottom of the article, the recent branding change has begun to appear on the dashboards beta testers, where you can see the new wording Xbox Network and no longer the classic one. These are the words of a Microsoft spokesperson declared during a recent interview:

Xbox Network refers to the Xbox online service, which has been updated in the Microsoft Services Agreement. The Xbox Live to Xbox Network upgrade is intended to distinguish the underlying service from Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

After well 18 years old, the Xbox family has decided to change one of the most well-known brands, in favor of a simplification and a better understanding exactly as stated above. Already during this summer there was talk of possible changes following the change of service contract. Furthermore, another interesting news is the possibility of being able to remove the "paywall" for games free-to-play who need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

In fact, many of you will know that titles like Fortnite, on the console Microsoft, although it is a game free requires an Xbox online subscription. Precisely this change is on the notebook of the next things to do. All that remains is to wait a little longer to see what other changes Microsoft has in mind for the future of its consoles. Have you read instead oflanding of EA Play also on Xbox Game Pass for PC?

Xbox network 🤔

- Tom Warren (@tomwarren) March 21, 2021

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Xbox Live: Did Microsoft change (without saying anything) the name of the service? ❯
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