Xbox Live Gold: will the service be free on Xbox Series X?

Over the past few hours, users Microsoft products who wanted to subscribe to an annual subscription plan for the service Xbox Live Gold (which allows you to play online on the platform and receive some "free" titles monthly) have found the door barred. Basically, the Redmond house has decided to leave only the 1 month and 3 months package available for those who intend to sign up or extend their "status". But what is the reason behind this seemingly harmless move?

The theories about it are different, however there is one in particular that is gaining ground as a rumor. It seems in fact that the future Xbox Series X will offer the multiplayer compartment totally free, thus making it unnecessary and superfluous to sign up for an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Considering the release of the console in about 3/4 months, Microsoft's move makes sense in the future, thus making the annual subscription and progressively also the quarterly and monthly one, effectively null and void. It is also rumored that those who still have the active service will be able to integrate it with that of the Xbox Game Pass, although it is not yet clear how. On the other hand, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate represents for Microsoft a really profitable and important service that allows the company to have no rivals in this regard.

Finally, we remind you that the inclusion of the new service was already announced a few days ago xCloud within the Xbox Game Pass subscription; another important piece that is added within this ecosystem that really aims high. That these are the right moves to shorten the gap to Sony? Let us know in the comments ...

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Xbox Live Gold: Microsoft increases the price of the subscription, official ❯
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