Xbox Live Gold: the price has doubled according to a rumor, will it be true?

A Twitter account reports that Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft's subscription service, has suffered a not indifferent price increase. There is talk of a real doubling of the cost and the leaker would seem more than sure of this. However, under this Tweet several Xbox users are wondering about the veracity of this news. Some even claim it's a real one fake news aimed at irritating users Microsoft products. For now, we wait for the situation to evolve, hoping that the whole story is not a simple joke by someone with too much free time.

Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft's subscription service that allows you to play online on Xbox consoles. In addition, subscribers receive free games each month to add to their library, called Games with Gold, as well as exclusive discounts for those who subscribe to this service. For some time now Xbox Live Gold has also been included in the Game Pass Ultimate, the Microsoft suite par excellence that is considered by many users to be the definitive subscription service. Microsoft has always focused on subscription plans by offering new games and captivating features, such as Xcloud, a service recently present in the Game Pass Ultimate that allows the playback of games on mobile via streaming.

Il Game Pass Microsoft has three different forms available. Basic Game Pass is the service dedicated exclusively to consoles and with 9,99 € you have access to a rich stock of titles from all Xbox generations. Game Pass PC is the version dedicated to gaming on PC and for the price of 3,99 € you have access to a selection of dedicated titles. Finally Game Pass Ultimate is a set of previous versions with the addition of Xbox Live Gold and Xcloud, the price is 1 euro for the first month, 12,99 euros for the following ones. A range of affordable choice for all budgets.

Microsoft doubled the price of gold and not a single outlet picked it up not @DualShockers @pushsquare @GameSpot @IGN @windowscentral @PSLifeStyle @eurogamer @Xbox

- SickHumorTV # TLOU2 #GOTY (@SickHumorTV) January 21, 2021

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