Xbox Live Gold removed from services agreement, will it be canceled soon?

New details continue to emerge about the possible elimination of the service Xbox Live Gold, which allows subscribers to Xbox One to take part in online matches. The update of the services agreement presented by the company - which will come into force from 1 October - in fact, it does not have the wording Xbox Live Gold, but refers to the same with the generic "Xbox online services". This is yet another rumor that provides for the total elimination of the service to play online.

In fact, it seems that, given the insistence of these numerous details scattered on the net, the update could actually be applied, and that therefore the infrastructure of Xbox One and Xbox Series X may present an ecosystem similar to what is seen with PlayStation 3, console where all users can play freely online without having to take part in any subscription. Similarly however, the well-known Games With Gold may soon disappear, being completely replaced by the more complete Xbox Game Pass.

We obviously do not have certainties about it, but it seems that the disappearance of the Xbox Live Gold could arrive on the day of October 1, according to the date reported in the following agreement. We just have to wait, however, for official confirmation from the division Xbox or Microsoft.

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