Xbox Live Gold: Multiplayer could become free

It certainly cannot be said that today's morning was not dominated by Microsoft products. After officially announcing the arrival of Xbox series s and with the price and release date of the two new consoles the subject of reliable rumors, is the Xbox Live Gold online service which now rises to the fore following some leaks that seem to anticipate a sort of revolution. Already in the past months there were persistent rumors of how the Redmond company was about to make multiplayer free for all those who have titles that can be played online with other users. It was the insider Jeff Grubb to affirm it, adding furthermore how this change would have been made effective from the moment in which Xbox Series X would be released on the market. The company at the time decided to comment on these rumors stating that the Xbox Live Gold service would have maintained the same characteristics as always but, as reported in the past few hours again by Grubb, these comments were only intended to postpone this change.

As things currently stand, Xbox Live Gold allows you to play online with other players in the face of a subscription which, on a monthly basis, offers registered users titles to add to their collection and exclusive discounts on the purchase of other videogame content. Asked on Twitter about the subject, the insider commented saying that the news regarding the service had the same treatment who received the Xbox Series S related rumors. Under such circumstances, initially Microsoft denied every leak and then later announce the product in official form. Given the very recent experience of the announcements of the Redmond company, at this point we just have to wait for a definitive announcement regarding this change which, if confirmed, will only make all users of the Microsoft videogame platform happy.

Same thing that happened to the Series X price and release date, and the series S itself, and the Game Pass news.

- Jeff Grubb (@JeffGrubb) September 8, 2020

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