Xbox Live Gold: confirmed the removal of the subscription from 12 months

The option to purchase a twelve-month subscription of theXbox Live Gold, a service that allows users to play online and also offers four free games per month. This type of subscription cannot be purchased from either Microsoft Store nor through other resellers. Some have speculated that this may have been an oversight on the part of the Redmond House, but it was Microsoft itself that made things clear by denying that the thing could be the result of an error. A spokesperson, speaking with TrueAchievementSaid:

Microsoft has decided to remove the Xbox Live Gold 12-month SKU from the online store. Customers can still subscribe to Xbox Live Gold one- and three-month cuts through the digital store.

According to some rumors, this choice could be derived from Microsoft's intention to make the service free, or from a deletion of the service that will be "integrated" into theXbox Game Pass or, more specifically, inXbox Ultimate Game Pass. As the Cheap Ass Gamer Twitter account points outIn fact, since the Ultimate service was announced there have been no major subscription offers for Xbox Live Gold. It means that Microsoft is phasing out Xbox Live Gold in favor of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a standard service in the near future with the advent of the next generation.

News: Xbox Gets Rid of the Option to get a Yearly Xbox Gold Membership via Their Website.

- Cheap Ass Gamer (@videogamedeals) July 16, 2020

We remind you that, given the imminent arrival of Xbox Series X, Microsoft products announced that Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition are officially discontinued.

The only old-gen console that will still remain in production will be the only one Xbox One S equipped with a player. This means that as the machines on store shelves finish, soon, it will no longer be possible to find two of the three versions of One. If this passing of the baton is seen in a completely normal and comprehensive way, it is also true that the “most powerful console on the market” has had a life cycle of just over 2 years; while the fully digital version has not even reached a year and a half. Clear sign that something has gone wrong, or simply Microsoft does not want to create possible confusion for users by putting them in front of the choice of multiple consoles (which also have quite similar names).

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Xbox Live Gold: Microsoft turnaround, no increase and free-to-play for free ❯
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