Xbox like Nintendo: is a "direct" coming to Bethesda?

According to the journalist Jeff Grubb during his most recent podcast, it would appear that Xbox is planning an event, very similar to Nintendo's Direct, in which it can release more details regarding its intentions towards Bethesda. Grubb's exact words were as follows:

I think this is one of the milestones for Microsoft products before E3, where once the agreement is concluded they will talk about it in style.
I don't know if it's going to be a complete, Direct-style event, but they'll take note and talk about it extensively, explain what it means to everyone, and talk about the immediate future of both companies becoming one. So yeah, expect it to happen in mid-March.

The acquisition of ZeniMax by Microsoft, which would thus add Bethesda to its ranks of developers, together with its most important titles including Doom, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, will be decided by next March 5th from the European Union, who in a statement stated the following:

On preliminary examination, the Commission considers that the notified operation could fall within the scope of the Merger Regulation. However, the final decision on this point is confidential.

The European Union, during its preliminary review, may choose whether to conclude this agreement without or with any concessions, or it may decide to have a full-scale investigation opened if it thinks that this agreement may not comply with competition law. of the EU.

Despite all this, Spencer is “excited” about what this 2021 promises to be for Xbox Game Studios, adding that he "looks forward to working as one company", again saying the following:

2021 is the year we will have final approval. I feel really good about it: everything is going well. We will then begin working on some of the plans we can implement with Bethesda. Right now they continue to do their job, without our control because we don't have them yet.

Like Microsoft, we just have to wait for good news from the European Union too, so that we can have more information on the intentions of the well-known American company towards Bethesda in an upcoming event dedicated to the new development team acquired.

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