Xbox: Jeff Grubb anticipates the new event: "stop the hype"

Jeff Grubb the well-known US journalist, developer and writer has anticipated some news about the next one Xbox event, during a live published on the channel Youtube of XboxEra, stating of don't expect big things from the show that this will be available March 26. According to Grubb, in fact, there will mainly be games already known and the focus of the event will be mainly oriented towards Skills, with space for only a few minor titles. In fact, Grubb said among other things:

Don't get hyped up for the Xbox event on March 26th.

In Grubb's opinion, therefore, the titles that will be presented at the event live live streaming, I am alone minor titles o indie like the interesting The Ascent, or exclusive first parties of relative size such as Age of Empires. On the other hand, if Grubb's predictions come true, the event would still be animated by interesting products, such as the aforementioned The Ascent, since we are talking about one shooter with isometric visual theme cyberpunk. We believe a similar argument is also valid for Age of Empires, the famous series of titles strategic e management who made the history of the genre on PC, also preferred mostly by hardcore gamers. Another topic of discussion in the next event, again according to Grubb, should be the services offered by Microsoft products such as'Xbox Game Pass, and the 'Xbox Live Gold, as well as the streaming game system of the Redmond house, viz xCloud, which also allows you to play with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, if you have a fairly efficient internet network.

Returning to the talk on the live with Jeff Grubb, those dates so far are still all unofficial news and to be confirmed, even if Grubb is typical to make a lot of predictions on titles not out yet, so we advise you to take what has been said with a grain of salt, we will update you on our pages of what will be presented during the event on 26 March.

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