Xbox in the crosshairs of the lawyers, a class-action against the drift of the pads is coming?

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Xbox e Microsoft products they may soon end up in the eye of a storm new class-action, caused by the well-known controller drift problem. Some lawyers are in fact testing the waters among users regarding a problem related to the pads of the new Xbox. In particular, after the problem of the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 Joy-Con drift, this group of lawyers is trying to buy Xbox controllers of players who have the same problem. This is the announcement of the lawyers:

We hope everything goes well, we wanted to update you on our latest case. The judge recently filed a letter in response to the motion regarding the recent class-action, which will be temporarily paused, but not liquidated, and any other motion will depend on the outcome of the arbitration process. This also happened for our ongoing Joy-con Nintendo drift lawsuit.

To help us in our continuing efforts, as we move to arbitration, we are looking to purchase additional standard controllers that feature drift. Please answer the following questions if you are interested in selling your controllers to us. Do you have a controller that features drift that you want to sell? How would you describe the importance of the drift problem? Is the controller totally unusable? What kind of controller is it: Standard, Elite, or Elite 2? At what price would you sell your controller to us?

The drift problem therefore seems to be one constant plague of this new generation. Users on forums like Reddit, in recent months, they are continually encountering this problem. Recently, this flaw has prompted the US legal department of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP to decide to take legal action by announcing a class action complaint against Sony Corporation of America, Inc. and Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

After Sony e Nintendo, therefore, Microsoft's turn seems to have come, as the new Xboxes also seem to have the same drift problem. It would therefore be legitimate to start wondering if it is really a factory defect, or an error directly behind the management and production of the new pads.

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