Xbox Game Pass: Would Microsoft have contacted other publishers besides EA and Ubisoft?

Xbox Game Pass has become one of the most important services in the entire video game industry since its launch in June 2017. Not only does the service offer excellent access to some of the best games from all four generations of Xbox, but it has also become one of the cornerstones of marketing strategies Microsoft products. to grow the service, the company in the past few hours reported that it has contacted "all major publishers" to bring their titles to Xbox Game Pass. The current rumor circulating on the net is that Microsoft is trying to integrate Ubisoft's subscription service, Ubisoft Plus, with his by the end of 2021. EA Play joined the service in November 2020, bringing the entire back catalog of Electronic Arts games as part of Microsoft's regular subscription model, without the need to upgrade to a higher subscription level. Rumors suggest that Ubisoft will bring all of its back catalog to the EA-like service, however new Ubisoft titles won't join the service on day one, and Xbox Game Pass could see a price hike or higher tier introduced to accompany the titles.

Speaking to The Xbox Two Podcast, Jez Corden from Windows Central, who shared inside information about discussions between Microsoft and Ubisoft, said Microsoft would be talking to as many publishers as possible to bring their titles to Xbox Game Pass this year:

Microsoft didn't just make EA Play think 'we'll stop here'. They are trying to get all publishers to bring their games to Game Pass. It's not just about Ubisoft, I've heard they've talked to pretty much all the major publishers.

Ever since Xbox Game Pass launched in the summer of 2017, Microsoft has relied on its partnerships with independent publishers and studios, with many indie games such as Ikenfell, Haven, and the upcoming Cyber-Shadow joining the service at launch. Insiders have indicated that this could extend to publishers Triple A in the future: this is also demonstrated by the acquisition of Bethesda from Microsoft, which will bring all of the studio's back catalog and future titles to Xbox Game Pass at launch. Other than that, did you know that too Project Winter announced its debut on Xbox and Game Pass?

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