Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: from September will include cloud gaming

Phil Spencer, head of the division Xbox di Microsoft products, announced today via an official blog post that, starting in September 2020, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also include access to the cloud gaming at no additional cost. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will therefore have the opportunity to play over 100 titles available on Xbox Game Pass from your mobile device directly from the cloud. Furthermore, the post published on the official blog confirmed some commitments made by Xbox towards gamers for the transition to the next generation of consoles and video games. The next generation, in fact, will be decidedly different from those that preceded it and will be characterized by the spread of new game modes, such as cloud gaming and subscription services, but also by new opportunities to play with your friends on different platforms:

  • Players will always be welcome: a commitment that is based both on community support, allowing all developers to bring their content to the Xbox platform, and on technological innovation to combat hate speech and toxic behavior.
  • Players will not be forced to upgrade to next-genXbox Game Studios titles arriving in the next few years will be playable on both Xbox Series X and Xbox One, and the company will continue to support cross-play, so gamers can have fun with their friends regardless of platform or from the console generation used.
  • Thanks to technology Smart delivery, players will only be able to buy the titles once and play on different console generations at no additional cost. Highly anticipated titles such as Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 will support Smart Delivery.
  • The titles Xbox Game Studios will be playable from launch day on Xbox Game Pass.

Here is also a part of the message of Phil Spencer, which you can find on Xbox Wire:

The future of gaming has never been so exciting and limitless. It is a future that you will explore on your own terms, without being limited by restrictive policies. Where your gaming experience won't be left behind and where you won't be limited by the inability to try the new Xbox Game Studios exclusive games, even if you choose to stick with your current console for a while. It's a future where you and your friends will play the most engaging, responsive, and vibrant games together across all available screens, and where games will reach the world and offer you stories you've never experienced before. It's a future where you get more value from your games. And where everyone is welcome. We hope you'll join us next Thursday, July 23 for the Xbox Games Showcase for your first look at Halo Infinite and the other upcoming releases.

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