Xbox Game Pass: The titles that will no longer be available from this month

Also this month some titles are removed from the vast catalog of made in video games XboxXbox Game Pass, to make room for more games. We still can't know for sure when they will be eliminated from the catalog, but there are seven games in the "Leaving Soon" section, which means that they will disappear within the next two weeks and, even if we are not just talking about particularly famous titles , some players may want to try them out before they actually disappear from titles available for free to pass subscribers.

Here is the list of titles that will no longer be available in the catalog Xbox Game Pass from this month:

  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Superhot
  • Riverbond
  • Riptide GP: Renegade
  • ScreamRide
  • Evers Pace
  • Shriek supermarket

Fortunately for the players, Xbox Games Pass has a large number of titles available in the catalog, and even the games that are leaving the service will still be available for purchase. With that in mind, players still have some time to try out these titles and decide if it will be worth buying once they are removed. We just have to wait for news from Microsoft regarding the titles that will be added soon in the already vast catalog of Xbox Game Pass.

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