Xbox Game Pass: the app for iOS and iPadOS will arrive only in 2021

According to recent claims from the Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, the features of Xbox Game Pass will somehow also arrive on the iPhone and iPad. Although Apple has not allowed other services dedicated to cloud gaming to land on theApp Store, Microsoft could potentially find an alternative solution through theuse of a web app. As the most seasoned gamers will know, Project xCloud has literally revolutionized the concept of video games, since it would allow users to stream their games even on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

In particular, Microsoft's choice to combine Project xCloud e Xbox Game Pass has opened up a number of interesting opportunities. In this way, players can continue to enjoy many titles in Game Pass even when they are not close to an Xbox console or a PC, thanks to the power of streaming. While the fans of the Redmond house are eagerly awaiting the next one 10st November, date on which they will be marketed in our country Xbox Series X e Xbox series s, many gamers want to find out what role Game Pass will play in the future of Xbox.

But that's not all, as Spencer allegedly confessed to his employees that streaming on Apple devices would only arrive in 2021. This happens after the Cupertino house has banned several cloud gaming services (including xCloud) from the App Store, expressing its concern at not being able to evaluate the content of the individual titles available in the catalog. As indicated by Spencer to employees, an alternative solution to the iOS store would be the use of a web app. This choice could turn out to be a good decision, given that also the upcoming service Luna by Amazon it will work on iOS devices like this.

Clearly, the Redmond house has the technology and infrastructure needed to bring Xbox Game Pass on devices Apple. After all, the US giant started streaming on Android devices in September. The expansion on devices iOS e iPadOS would give Xbox an important advantage over PlayStation, which is preparing to launch the PlayStation 5 on November 19, 2020. Sony also offers its fans some cloud gaming options, such as PS Now (which allows players to play to a selection of titles on both PS4 and PC), although at the moment it is remotely comparable to the majestic catalog of Xbox Game Pass.


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