Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft doubles the price of the PC subscription

One of the most recent workhorses of Microsoft products, in his eternal "fight" against Sony and his console PlayStation, is certainly theXbox Game Pass. For those unfamiliar with it, this is a subscription service which, for a monthly payment, allows you to have a huge amount available catalog of titles both first-party and software houses outside the Redmond giant. Depending on the game platform we will be able to have three different types of Xbox Game Pass: the one for console at a price of € 9,99 per month, it allows you to use the service on the Xbox One family; the one for PC, which until now has been proposed for the first month at € 1 and for the following months at € 3,99 and finally theXbox Game Pass Ultimate, which offers both subscriptions together with the service Xbox Live Gold. In addition, the Game Pass Ultimate will allow you to take advantage of Project xCloud, a technology of Cloud Gaming which will give users the ability to play on PC and smartphone through the internet connection alone, without using the computing power of such devices. As just mentioned, the Xbox Game Pass for PC has been provided to a price of € 3,99 per month but, according to what Microsoft said on Twitter, that offer is destined to end next September 17th. In fact, all those who register after that date will pay € 9,99 per month to take advantage of the benefits offered by the service while those who are already subscribers will continue to pay the previous price for an additional billing cycle. An increase that, however, was already in the air, considering how the current figure was announced as the "introduction price". If perhaps doubling the sum to be paid out could make some users turn up their noses, we remind you that Xbox Game Pass for PC (as well as the Ultimate version) will also contain EA Play and therefore will allow you to take advantage of the vast catalog of Electronic Arts, at no additional cost.

We're retiring the introductory price on the 17th, but if you're already a member, you'll pay the same rate through the next billing cycle. look out for a notification on the 17th to get more details

- Xbox Game Pass For PC (@XboxGamePassPC) September 9, 2020

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