Xbox Game Pass is record-breaking, over 500 free games

Since its debut in June 2017, theXbox Game Pass of the division Xbox has included over 100 free games for subscribers. Between acquisitions and collaborations, however, the service continued to expand day by day, subsequently landing on Xbox Series X / S, PC and mobile devices (thanks to xCloud) after a departure on Xbox One. Every month the total of free games has continued to grow without difficulty, how can we forget the recent addition of 20 important titles Bethesda - detailed in this article - and the total has now passed a peak that seemed practically unimaginable on day one. Xbox Game Pass offers a total of over 500 games free to all subscribers, a truly frightening figure.

Although it is 500 different titles, it is good to specify that not all are playable on all platforms, but all (even xCloud) still offer a total of over 200 unique games. Want for Xbox Game Studios exclusives and Xbox Division funded projects - like The Medium -, either because of the dozens of multiplatforms that enter the infinite library, the price of the ticket becomes increasingly derisory month after month if you think about the total that is actually offered to users. With premises like these, it is natural that Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, see the possible arrival of the Xbox Game Pass also on PlayStation 5 e Nintendo switch, in order to bring the exclusives of the division also to other platforms.

Before leaving you, we would particularly like to refer you to our in-depth article on the service, in which we try to analyze the future of this splendid initiative, you can consult it at the following link. We also take the opportunity to remind you of our monthly special on free games, relating to all the titles that can be downloaded for free thanks to the various services on the market.

#XboxGamePass current number of games on the service

💚 534 - Listings
💚 376 - Consul
💚 252 - PC
💚 226 - Cloud # XboxHasTooManyGames 💯https: //

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Xbox Game Pass is the future of a service that has always looked beyond ❯
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