Xbox Game Pass - Guide to get it for free with Rewards

The flagship service of Xbox is enticing many players especially in recent months, among tons of announced games and surprises arriving in the catalog, this is constantly updated and can also be purchased at a rather low price. However, Microsoft products allows players to accumulate particular points for get the Xbox Game Pass for free, as well as other items from his store, including credit vouchers.

We speak specifically of Missions, which allow with rather simple challenges to gradually obtain more and more credits, between rather simple surveys and searches to be carried out on Bing, it is really a breeze to accumulate points day after day. To make matters worse, the company also allows you to transfer up to 5000 credits every month between members of the same family, thus supporting collaboration.

Steps to follow to get the Xbox Game Pass (or other rewards) for free

So here's how you can access the Challenges to redeem the Xbox Game Pass for free, or choose from many other rewards from the Xbox store:

  • Go to this link and log in with your Microsoft account, we recommend that you use the same one you use through the Xbox app on PC or on your Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S
  • Discover all the challenges (often to be completed in video games) and download the app also on your mobile phone to facilitate them, making them more comfortable to consult
  • Accumulate points every day, which you can redeem via this link

You will find yourself in front of many possibilities, just think that the Redmond house even allows you to use the points you accumulate for donations. You will be able to redeem in particular the credit for the Xbox store, perfect for buying games or digital subscriptions, or a few months of the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, all completely free. By taking the hand you will be able to rack up enough points from always remain subscribed to the Xbox service at no cost, renewing it from month to month or choosing quarterly subscriptions, slightly more containing.

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