Xbox Game Pass: EA Play will be free for Ultimate and PC subscribers

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If on the one hand Microsoft products is aware of being "inferior" to Sony and Nintendo on the side of the exclusives (the numerical data are quite evident when it comes to first party titles) and never misses an opportunity to congratulate their opponents, sportingly speaking, the division Xbox she is also aware of having in her hands not only excellent game consoles but also an excellent game streaming service that everyone envies her: Xbox Game Pass. The famous and beloved service present on the current Microsoft consoles, on PC and also on the next flagships Series S e X series it will be enriched again and further during this winter.

As of the end of this year, all users subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on consoles, and Xbox Game Pass for PC, they will find a welcome gift, and by gift we mean the "subscription" in totally free form to the game streaming service provided by Electronic Arts: EA Play. As if that were not enough, the Xbox Ultimate is also shared with other Microsoft consoles (where the same profile is present) and also on the PC. This means that in addition to the benefits of the service offered by Xbox, it will also be enjoyed on all platforms of that of EA Play. All this turns into new titles in the catalog of Electronic Arts which can be accessed for free from your console such as the Apex Legends Season Pass or preview demos like that of FIFA 21 and many others.

At the top of the article you can find the presentation video provided by the official Xbox page. For any other details regarding the launch of the new entry level console from Microsoft, the small Xbox Series S, we leave you at the following article where you can find out the price, day and characteristics of the new All-Digital machine which will soon become pre-orderable at all authorized dealers.

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