Xbox Game Pass does not stop, another surprise is coming

Through its own channel YouTube, Paradox Interactive announced the arrival onXbox Game Pass di Empire of Sin (both on PC and consul). Microsoft's subscription service catalog expands further with a new game. The title will be available to subscribers starting March 18. Lately the service is undergoing an impressive growth in its catalog, also thanks to the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft products, which brought a number of new titles to the service.

Recall that Empire of Sin is a mafia-themed strategy set during the Prohibition era, in which you will have to gain control of Chicago. In the game it is possible to recruit a series of subordinates to put them in charge of a whole series of illegal activities. They have their own skills, deriving from their historical and cultural background and a network of relationships with other members. The currency at stake is alcohol, which allows you to expand your underworld empire. The title is divided into a management part and a turn-based combat style X-Com. You can impersonate a number of very famous mobsters of the past, such as Al Capone, Stephanie St. Clair o Goldie Garneau (these are in total 14). The system allows a certain freedom in the choice of how to reach the set goal, that is, the conquest of all the districts of the city, allowing you to choose whether to ally with other families or face them directly face to face.

Microsoft's subscription service is undergoing enormous growth, a sign of the company's willingness to focus on it a lot and turn it into its spearhead as regards the gaming side. The service, available on both Windows 10 and Xbox One e Xbox Series X / S, allows subscribers to choose from a wide range of exclusive and third-party titles to download at no additional cost.


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