Xbox Game Pass: DMC 5 and other titles will leave the service in August

Xbox Game Pass, or rather, from today simply, Game Pass, with the new month of August now started, as always, is preparing to launch new games in its own game park but, at the same time, to release others that unfortunately "have not been confirmed ".

By the middle of the month, as many as five video games will leave the service on Windows PC and Xbox One. Among these we can find titles that are little known to most or real masterpieces that will surely displease a good slice of users who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass. In particular we are talking about the latest masterpiece of one of the most popular sagas: Devil May Cry 5. The fifth chapter of Capcom has been able to resurrect the brand in a big way, obtaining an excellent response from the critics but also from its own public. In addition to him, the RPG will leave the stock Kingdom Come Deliverance (made famous above all for the various problems that grip the title but which have nevertheless been able to entertain the end user, in one way or another); Space Hulk Tactics; Where the Water Tastes Like Wine e Yoku's Island Express.

All the games should leave their place empty between the days of 15 and 16 August, replaced in the very short term by new and exciting titles such as: Microsoft Flight Simulator; Battletoads; Wasteland 3 and the first episode of the new branded adventure Dontnod Entertainment, Tell Me Why. For those who have not yet subscribed to the service, we remind you that you can take advantage of it using strong discounts for the first months always offered by Microsoft.

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