Xbox Game Pass: a new game coming after the 20 Bethesda titles?

As you well know in the past few days Microsoft products has finally formalized the acquisition of Bethesda, and for the occasion has decided to make available on theXbox Game Pass 20 of the most famous titles of the US software house, including the highly acclaimed franchises of DOOM, Wolfenstein e Skyrim. But it would seem that the news at Microsoft did not end there. According to what emerged in the last few hours from a post on the official Twitter profile, it would seem that the company has every intention of wanting to enrich its service with the arrival of a new game. As can be seen from the joking e-mail of Melissa McGamepass, which you can easily retrieve at the bottom of the article, we talk about the addition of a new title (apparently unrelated to the recent acquisition of Bethesda) that will very soon make its debut on Xbox Game Pass.

Although at the moment we have no confirmation on what the new game that will enrich the now immense catalog of Microsoft's subscription service may be, some users have reported that it may be Outriders, given that the message from the Xbox Executive Senior VP refers to a "mysterious signal appearing in the distance", very similar to what is seen in the work of People Can Fly and Square Enix where it speaks of a mysterious radio signal and a ' anomaly that confers superpowers. Waiting to find out more details on the subject, we point out that Outriders will make its official debut on consoles and next PC April 1 2021. That the house of Redmond intends to make it free already on day one for subscribers to Xbox Game Pass?

There's probably a hint about a game in here somewhere honestly we can't even keep up with all the announcements lately

- Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) March 12, 2021

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Xbox Game Pass: a new title is added surprisingly to the February releases ❯
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