Xbox Game Pass: 6 free Square Enix games are coming, will there be Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Xbox Game Pass, the service offered by Microsoft products which allows users to play, upon subscription, over one hundred titles, is constantly expanding. Today, to the long list of available games, it has been added Octopath Traveler, role-playing game developed by Square Enix in collaboration with Acquire and published by Nintendo. For days we have been talking insistently about the arrival of some titles developed by the Japanese software house in the catalog of the Microsoft service. Is it just gossip or is there something more under it? One of the most talked about games is Final Fantasy VII Remake which, according to insiders, would land on Game Pass as soon as the exclusive time reserved for home consoles ends Sony.

The title, needless to say, developed by Square Enix and would become part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog together with six titles of which, it must be said, nothing is known. We are, as in the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake, in the field of speculation. In the case of the single title, these would be supported by a tweet published by the official account of the same company. Said of Octopath Traveler, in the catalog there are already several titles developed by Square Enix as some games in the series Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest XII: Echoes of a lost age and many others. Guessing which titles will arrive (if they will arrive) is simply impossible.

In any case, after the arrival of over twenty branded titles Bethesda, following the acquisition of the software house by Microsoft, flesh out the Game Pass catalog with other games developed by Square Enix it would be a great blow for the verdecrociate consoles and yet another gift to users, it being understood that there are already several works developed by the Japanese company present in the repertoire of the service. So, waiting to understand if Final Fantasy VII Remake and other titles will land in the Game Pass, we leave you with the review of one of the most beautiful titles ever developed by the Japanese software house, or Octopath Traveler, which marked the arrival of Square Enix on Nintendo Switch (you find it here).

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