Xbox Game Pass: 4 games will leave the service in January

The Xbox brand had an impressive year in 2020 - not just Xbox has launched two new consoles for Xbox Series X e Xbox series s, but the growth of his subscription Xbox Game Pass it was really impressive. The service in question has added a ton of new games over the past year, including original Xbox titles and indie games on launch day. But not all ads may necessarily relate to additional titles: there are works that in fact leave the service from time to time.

Apparently four games will come out from the paid service, both on PC that of consul, starting from the next 15st January (date not yet formalized). This round of upcoming games is limited to just four titles, thankfully, 2 of which are exciting games that you will miss a lot. It is especially about FTL: Faster Than LightMy Friend PedroSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet e Tekken 7. The latter is obviously the group's biggest game to leave the service: the latest fighting game in the popular franchise sold over 6 million copies last September, exceeding Bandai Namco's expectations for release. It's unclear why you're leaving Xbox Game Pass, but it's possible that Bandai Namco didn't see all the players he wanted or didn't convert enough of them into DLC buyers. It might just as well be Microsoft products not wanting to renew his license to keep Tekken 7 on the Game Pass.

At least, four games that come out of Xbox Game Pass are relatively few. In December, for example, Xbox Game Pass left a total of 10 games. Seven of these left it on December 15, mid-month, when Xbox Game Pass contracts often expire. When four operas leave the service, many others stand up to take their place. In January, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to check out Killer Queen Black, Cyber ​​Shadow, Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 Remastered, as well as one of the leading Xbox Series X / S consoles exclusively on The Medium. According to a leak, Red Dead Redemption 2 would also be arriving in the constantly expanding catalog.

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