Xbox: confirmed the March event, there will also be Stalker 2

Through a post published on the official blog of Microsoft products, the famous US company has announced the arrival of a new digital event ID @ Xbox, in which more than 25 games will be revealed through new trailers and gameplay, including Second Extinction, The Ascent, Exo One and an update on the development of the highly anticipated Stalker 2, the new chapter of the famous series developed by the Ukrainian company GSC Game World which will arrive exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC. The event will be broadcast live on Twitch starting at 18:00 next 26 March 2021, a day in which it will be possible to find out what are the plans of the Redmond company and more information on all the titles that will arrive on Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and also in subscription services such as the Game Pass during the year.

The collaboration between Twitch and ID @ Xbox will be presented by some of the famous streamers of the platform, who will conduct some interviews with the numerous development teams and publishers present, including DrinkBox Studios, Curve Digital and Devolver Digital, and will answer questions from the public. . We just have to wait this week to find out more information on some highly anticipated titles, such as Stalker 2, which may even receive an official release date. Here is part of the statement released by Glenn Gregory, Senior Marketing Manager of ID @ Xbox, through a post on Xbox Wire:

We plan to feature tons of indie titles, including new game announcements from developers and publishers like DrinkBox Studios, Curve Digital, Devolver Digital, Dear Villagers, and more. During the show, we will be rolling out new trailers and gameplay for over 25 games, including Second Extinction, The Ascent, The Wild at Heart, Voidtrain, Exo One, an update on STALKER 2, and more. We will also be making announcements on indie titles coming to Game Pass as well. Community-favorite Twitch streamers will host the showcase and conduct developer interviews, answer fan questions, and perhaps even release some game codes.

ID @ Xbox Showcase announced for March 26.

- New trailers & gameplay for 25+ games, including Xbox console exclusives like STALKER 2, Second Extinction, The Ascent, and more.

- Announcements about indie titles coming to Xbox & Xbox Game Pass.https: //

- Klobrille (@klobrille) March 18, 2021

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