Xbox announces Beoplay Portal headphones, the cost is equal to an Xbox Series X

Shortly after the announcement of the Kraken V3 X by Razer, Microsoft products e Bang & Olufsen reveal the new wireless headphones Beoplay Portal to Xbox which cost $ 499, which by the way is the same price as the Xbox Series X. These new high-end headphones are the first product for the program Designed for Xbox Limited Series, which according to Microsoft communicates how closely they have worked closely with their partners on each product to test quality, performance, safety and security with all Xbox hardware experiences.

Bang & Olufsen headphones are available in colors anthracite black, fog gray e navy brass and are available for pre-order right now: in the US and Canada, the black headset is available for purchase today, while the other variants will ship in May. Beoplay Portal headphones will be released globally starting in April 29 2021.

While they offer "a sophisticated aesthetic and can be used in any situation", they also guarantee a easy access to game features such as balance / custom chat, mute and volume on the headset itself or from the Bang & Olufsen audio app. Beoplay Portal headphones are designed to easily connect to your own Xbox Series X / S o Xbox One with Xbox 2.4HGz lossless wireless connectivity, but are also compatible with PC e mobile devices with Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX Adaptive.

The Bang & Olufsen app is available on phones iOS e Android and allows the user to quickly switch between preset game modes, such as RPG or FPS, adjust adaptive active noise cancellation, microphone monitoring, microphone tone, and game / chat balance.

With regard to the recharge the Beoplay Portal takes only 3 hours and offers a whopping "12 hours of battery life when using Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth and active noise cancellation and 24 hours when using only Bluetooth and active noise cancellation". L'absence of the microphone stand it can make the performance reliable without intrusive design, also it can amplify your voice by eliminating background noise.

As for the design, the headphones in question combine "the values ​​of a Scandinavian look with the world of games". Designed by Jakob Wagner in collaboration with a design team, these headphones over-ear they feature lambskin ear cushions for excellent noise isolation and fully immersive audio. They also have calf leather on the outer band with bamboo fiber fabric on the inner band, and the cushions on the top of the band help prevent head fatigue and pain from prolonged use.

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