Xbox and Bethesda: confirmed the official event, here's when it will be held

Xbox and Bethesda finally together. After the announcement of the approval of the deal by the EU (we talked about it here), the two videogame super powers will show their partnership through a live broadcast YouTube which will take place today at 19,. What to expect from this, we borrow the name of the Nintendian format, "Direct“? Second Aaron Greenberg, marketing director of Xbox, no new games will be announced, nor will any updates on previously presented titles be revealed. The goal of this panel discussion (this is the title of the premiere on the tube) is to introduce Xbox users to the groups and teams of the development house based in Rockville, Maryland.

As for the event, we know they will attend Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Vice President of Gaming, Pete Hines, vice president of marketing at Bethesda, e Todd Howard, game director of many titles developed by the US software house. Regarding the contents, as we have already explained, no new information will be released regarding new games, nor will it be announced. We will probably see it coming, maybe right away, titles developed by Bethesda in the Game Pass. It is reasonable to expect a move of this type, considering that Phil Spencer himself, a couple of days ago, expressed himself positively in this regard. In any case, the marriage guidelines.

One question, specifically, grips the minds of fans: the games developed by the American production house they will be Xbox exclusive? We are likely to get an answer this evening. However, it must be said that the acquisition does not necessarily translate into exclusive. What is certain is that the playground of the green-crossed consoles will undergo a significant expansion, all the prerogative of users who have chosen the new Microsoft machines. So what to expect from tonight's event? We will find out only by living, as Lucio Battisti sang in the marvelous Con il Nastro rosa.

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