Xbox: a video shows the new "Mercury" store in action

Recently an interesting video has emerged on the net that shows the probable in detail new store systems Xbox. A few days ago we told you about a possible redesign of the Microsoft online store codenamed "Mercury". Well, we now have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the new design, which should become available in the future on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, although this is obviously still to be confirmed.

The video, which you can find at the head of the news, shows the various improvements made to the store, which now seems faster and clearer, although it still retains all the various features already present previously, such as trailers, screenshots, reviews, filters, profiles game details, title details and more. However, we are waiting for official news from Microsoft, which could decide to reveal information about this redesign in the event scheduled for this month, still without a precise date but which according to rumors could take place during the next week. Here are some screenshots:

А вот и скриншоты приложения "Mercury" для Xbox One, запущенного на Windows 10. Microsoft готовит глобальный редизайн магазинаtwitia1.

- Community (@wincommunity) June 3, 2020

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