WWE 2K21 will not see the light: official confirmations arrive

You could already imagine, but in the last hours the confirmation has arrived: the WWE has officially announced that WWE 2K21 will not see the light. During a Q&A session, the shareholders Frank Riddick Chief Financial Officer they revealed that "there will be no launch of a game this year", confirming the rumors that had already occurred in the last period. There has been no small amount of tension towards the WWE 2K series after the previous WWE 2K20 chapter came under heavy criticism due to its poor performance, numerous glitches and bugs, not to mention the disappointment it left in hearts. of all passionate fans.

As mentioned, the cancellation of WWE 2K21 has been rumored for weeks now (as we also told you in our article) in addition to a second rumor that sees WWE 2K22 as the protagonist as a title dedicated to the current consoles and not to the next-gen. 2K Games has not yet commented on the situation: when IGN contacted the developer earlier this month to ask for more information, the company replied that it "would not comment on simple rumors". For those interested in recovering it, we remind you that WWE 2K20 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Microsoft Windows.

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