WWE 2K14 - Trophy List + Hidden Trophies [PS3]

WWE 2K14 - Trophy List + Hidden Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of WWE 3K2 Playstation 14 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



History was made!
WWE Universe: Collect and win a Money in the Bank match with a Created Superstar. (Single)
A Superstar is born!
WWE Universe: Win a match using a Created Superstar. (Single)
Successfully perform a Comeback move. (Single)
Winning combination!
Use a Special Insult, perform a Finisher and immediately back your opponent. (Single)
Fighting brilliantly
With the Limb Target System, hit the same side 10 times in a match. (Single)
Ropes reached!
Crawl to the ropes to escape submission. (Single)
This is my garden!
Play a match in a Created Arena in Create an Arena mode.
A fresh start
Play an Online Match (Player Match / Ranked Match).
Woo Woo Woo!!!
Create a Superstar linked to a social account.
One of a kind superstar
Create a Superstar with the head of a real Superstar.
Entrance Designer
Create a Created Entry that includes an additional item.
The deadman
Defend the Streak: Defeat 10 Superstars in a single match.
Hulkamania Runs Wild
Complete Chapter 1 in "30 Years of WrestleMania".
A New Generation
Complete Chapter 2 in "30 Years of WrestleMania".
The Attitude Era
Complete Chapter 3 in "30 Years of WrestleMania".
Ruthless aggression
Complete Chapter 4 in "30 Years of WrestleMania".
The Universe Era
Complete Chapter 5 in "30 Years of WrestleMania".
Unexpected death
"30 Years of WM": WM 12 - Bret Hart vs. HBK - Make time run out without a winner.
But he still doesn't give up!
"30 Years of WM": Complete all Hidden Objectives in WM 13.
Final impact
"30 Years of WM": WM 17 - The Rock vs. Stone Cold - Hit with the Rock chair with critical damage.
The Big Red Monster
Eliminate 11 opponents with the same Superstar in the same Royal Rumble. (Single)
Finish them!
Perform the "Shell Shocked" OMG Move. (Single)
Hall of pain
Defeat a total of 10 opponents by KO. (Single)
Excuse me!
WWE Universe: Establish a rivalry.
Mr. Money in the Bank
WWE Universe: Win a Money in the Bank match with a Created Superstar. (Single)
The event of a lifetime
WWE Universe: Complete a WrestleMania match with a Created Superstar. (Single)
Invincible man
Win at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher in Universe or Exhibition. (Single)
Legend killer
Beat the Streak - Defeat the Undertaker.
The Demon of Death Valley
Defend the Streak: Defeat 30 Superstars.
Complete all Historical Goals in "30 Years of WrestleMania". (Single)
The winner is you!
Win 10 Ranked Matches.
Rest in peace
Beat the Streak: Unlock all photos from WrestleMania matches.
Feed me more!
Win at least 50 matches on Hard difficulty or higher in Universe or Exhibition. (Single)
All Trophies obtained
Collect all trophies.


WWE 2K14 Secret Trophies

Counterattack a Finishing Move. (Single)
Like a car crash!
Break the barricade in two places in a single match. (Single)
Break the reporters table with an OMG move. (Single)
The Phenom
Defend the Streak - Play a "Defend the Streak" match to the end, win or lose.
For all Hulkamaniacs
"30 Years of WM": WM 9 - Hogan vs. Yokozuna - Vinci il match.
Never let your guard down
Perform an Air Finisher or Catapult Finisher. (Single)
Epic match
Beat the Streak - Avoid the Undertaker's pinfall 5 times in the same match.
Lord of Darkness
Defend the Streak - Defeat 50 Superstars in a single match.
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