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    WWE 13 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    WWE 13 - Trophy List [PS3]



    Here is the list of WWE '3 Playstation 13 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    The winner is you!
    Win 10 Ranked Matches.
    Break a total of 50 tables, ladders and chairs, using them for attacks. (Single)
    Successfully perform a Comeback move. (Single)
    The event of a lifetime
    WWE Universe: Enter WrestleMania with a Created Superstar. (Single)
    Winning combination!
    Use a Special Insult, perform a Finisher and back your opponent. (Single)
    One of the greats of history
    Exhibition: Defeat a Superstar with his Attitude Era version on def. Legend. (Single)
    I keep evolving!
    Exhibition: With a Superstar, defeat his Attitude Era version on def. Legend. (Single)
    A legend begins
    Win at least 1 matches on Hard difficulty or higher. (Single)
    I fight brilliantly
    Performance: With the Limb Target System, hit the same part 10 or more times. (Single)
    Exhibition: Force an opponent to "I Quit" in an "I Quit" match. (Single)
    All original baby!
    Using a Crafted Superstar, fight for a Crafted Championship in a Crafted Arena.
    The ring is my home!
    Play a match in a Created Arena in Create an Arena mode.
    Rising star
    Reach rank 5 online.
    Original story created
    Create a Story with a Created Superstar or a Created Arena.
    Hooligan del ring
    Break a total of 20 tables, ladders and chairs, using them for attacks. (Single)
    Ropes reached!
    Crawl to the ropes to escape submission. (Single)
    A Superstar is born!
    WWE Universe: Win a match using a Created Superstar. (Single)
    Arenas designer
    Create an arena in Create an Arena mode.
    Watch my video Entry!
    Create a video in Create Entry mode.
    Logo Wizard
    In Create a Logo mode create an image and attribute it to any created content.
    This is exclusive!
    Create an Exclusive Front, Top Chord and Corner Move.
    The champ is here!
    Create a title belt in Create a Championship.
    Create and destroy
    Exhibition: In the title match, use the Crafted Belt to attack the opponent. (Single)
    Take a photo in Create Highlights mode.
    A fresh start
    Play an Online Match (Player Match / Ranked Match).
    In the circle of creators
    Your content in Community Creations must be rated at least 5 times.
    Rate 5 or more pieces of content on Community Creations.
    Gold regime
    Win WWE, WCW and ECW titles with the same Superstar.
    Invincible man
    Win at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher. (Single)
    He never misses an opportunity
    WWE Universe: Collect Money in the Bank and win with a Created Superstar. (Single)
    Old veteran
    Reach rank 10 online.
    Mr. Money in the Bank
    WWE Universe: Win a Money in the Bank match with a Created Superstar. (Single)
    End of the Streak
    Beat The Undertaker in WrestleMania with the Made Superstar on Legend difficulty. (Single)
    King of the world
    Reach the highest rank online.
    Get all other Trophies.


    WWE 13 Secret Trophies

    The Great One finita!
    Complete the story "The Great One".
    Like a car crash!
    Exhibition: Break the barricade in two places in a single match. (Single)
    Never let your guard down
    Exhibition: Perform an Air Finisher. (Single)
    Brothers of Destruction finita!
    Complete the "Brothers of Destruction" story.
    Is the Rattlesnake Coming ?!
    Win by slamming an opponent on the window in Backstage Brawl. (Single)
    Austin 3:16 over!
    Complete the "Austin 3:16" story.
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Exhibition: Use Daniel Bryan and defeat Sheamus. (Single)
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