Would Ubisoft be considering the return of Scott Pilgrim with a new game?

In the past few hours, some rumors have emerged that they would see Ubisoft interested in reporting on our consoles Scott pilgrim, a title made in 2010 by the Canadian division of the French giant. Last night theAcademy held a rewatch of the film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and of course the creator of the character, Bryan Lee O'Malley, could not miss the appointment. While watching the film, the well-known Canadian cartoonist and musician tweeted:

[Ubisoft should] bring the Scottish pilgrim game back

Although it was not tagged in any way in the post, the French company's response was certainly not long in coming, responding to Bryan Lee O'Malley's post with a 'enigmatic thoughtful emoji. Is Ubisoft seriously considering bringing Scott Pilgrim's adventures into a video game? For those unfamiliar with it, the videogame title dedicated to the iconic Scottish pilgrim had met with considerable success, especially among lovers of graphic novels, also for the soundtrack composed by the American band Anamanaguchi. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, after debuting on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, it was canceled from both digital stores on December 30, 2014, most likely due to licensing issues.

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