Worms Rumble - Preview, we tried the explosive Closed Beta!

Some videogame sagas are now engraved in the hearts of the players, as they have for years been a solid leader of the industry, accompanying users with the different iterations of the brand. However, it can happen that these find themselves undergoing an aging given by time, due to the lack of innovation on the part of the developer, when something is needed that can change the cards on the table. For this, just as the software house has recently done Team 17, we opt for a clear change, which perhaps can concern a single chapter - which therefore acts almost as a spin-off - as a new beginning for the videogame series we are fond of. Just the aforementioned developer, is currently struggling with Worms Rumble, title of the saga of Worms, which has now become a classic after several generations of consoles.

The new work it is not proposed with the usual turn-based system, As takes the soul and the peculiarities of the brand in order to transport them into the new era, that of online multiplayer and battle royale. Recently, we got to get our hands on Closed Beta of the product, which is now available in Open Beta on PlayStation 4 and PC, as he prepares for the debut on PlayStation 5 and on the aforementioned two platforms. So let's find out together how this crazy game behaved!

New era, same kamikaze worms

Precisely the fact that they are worms, may suggest to the inexperienced that they are harmless creatures, but this is clearly not the case with Worms Rumble. These caricatured monsters are indeed armed to the teeth, angry and fervent to the point of waging continuous war on all their fellow men, in clashes and wars where the only constant is madness. Going through the really expanded game map presented between one bomb and another, we were able to test 3 modes. Gods Deatchmatch all against all, the team battle royale and that in solitaria, certainly nothing innovative but simply unexpected given the development team's past.

The classic gameplay we are used to, which ranged between obstacles in the movements and millimeter precision in every action, has evolved in order to become more action, while remaining a shooter in its form 2.5 D. Climbing walls, mighty jumps and undone fall damage, that's what it takes to bring full focus on positioning and different weaponry available, scattered in every ravine and also released by the players once they are dead (it seems that we will have to regret the explosive tombstones, at least for the moment).

Bullets, explosions and madness

On the gameplay front, the title is simply hilarious, despite a slight approach difficulty that vanishes within one or two matches, thanks to the continuous dynamism of the action and the many possibilities offered, from the modalities, to the spots to position oneself, up to the magnificent weapons. Bombs Banana e Garnet Sante, seasoned with Shotguns and Uzi, it takes a moment to feel at home if you have already dealt with the previous chapters. The fun and variety is also perceived by the field of cosmetics, apparently really cured and in development during the levels of the account (which do not affect the playful front, but only on the aesthetic one). Even the graphics, cartoon and colored to the right point, only draws the player into this world with no escape, game after game.

Although it was a closed beta, we did not encounter any kind of bugs or problems in Worms Rumble. However, the possibilities offered will not last indefinitely, and it is therefore clear that the developer will have to work hard for add new content ahead of launch (set for 1 December) and in the following months. However, we can already confirm that this has managed to bring the spirit of the brand with a diametrically different gameplay, with the same flavor but different in almost every facet, which more easily embraces the current style of the market to guarantee dozens of hours of fun for users. We can't wait to savor the final product, which we will explore further in the course of our in-depth review; stay tuned on our pages to find out more!

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Worms Rumble: cross-play beta available today on PS4 and Steam ❯
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