Worms Rumble: cross-play beta available today on PS4 and Steam

Ahead of the launch of Worms rumble, expected on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC next December 1 2020, Team17 decided to kick off an explosive weekend with the release of one cross-play beta on PS4 and Steam, that it will last until Monday 9 November at 9:00 am. Early access will allow all players to try the new map, Transforming Towers, which will see part of the Tower transform into a giant robot worm. In addition, the Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing Battle Royale modes will also be available, joining Deathmatch. PlayStation Plus subscribers can access the beta, while the players of Steam they will be able to download it using the option "Free demo“, Present on the home page of the game.

The open beta of Worms rumble will provide a wide range of weapons with which players can annihilate themselves, including the recently announced sheep thrower; Hammerhead; Sentry Tower; Plasma Blaster; and Rocket Shield, as well as support items like Grapple Guns and Jetpack. Looking forward to getting your hands on the new title of Team17, we remind you that Worms rumble will be available from next December 1 2020 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam.

In Worms Rumble, the game you've always loved becomes a brand new experience, with fast-paced real-time battles for 32 players and cross-platform support. Battle in Deathmatch and Last Worm modes, where only one grenade can decide your fate!

In addition to the weapons that Worms fans have always loved, such as the bazooka, shotgun and sheep thrower, your arsenal will be enriched with new tools of death to rise the ranks against your opponent invertebrates. Customize your worm, participate in challenges and events and experiment with the modalities in the laboratory. It's still Worms, but all new!

Each battle takes place in REAL TIME! If your opponent is riddling you with lead, fire back without thinking twice!

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