World War Z: the GOTY Edition and the port on Nintendo Switch are coming

The branded project Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive, World War Z, has had some success since it was released last year. In fact, about a year after its release, the developer has decided to provide us with interesting news regarding the post-launch support of the work, which has already been well taken care of with new contents and features, among which we find for example the complete addition of the cross-play between Xbox One and PC systems.

This time we are dealing with a completely new version, the Game of the Year Edition - Or GOTY - of World War Z. This will bring a lot of content with it when it is released, the 5st May of this year. The news does not end there however, because the developer has announced that it is working on a porting of the work for Nintendo Switch, on which we have several certainties given the work done by the software house for the landing of The Witcher 3 on the hybrid console, reviewed at the following link. Now let's see all the contents that will be part of the World War Z Game of the Year Edition.

  • Additional episode containing three new missions set in Marseille with new characters and maps
  • The Weapon Packs Lobo, Biohazard, Military e Last Aid, with a new one coming soon
  • Skin packs Professionals e War heroes


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