World Robot Boxing 2, the review

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La World Robot Boxing 2 review takes us back to the futuristic world of Real Steel, although the Reliance Games series has now abandoned the official license of the film.

The spectacular encounters between robot however, they still represent the fulcrum of the experience, which looks like a fighting game on the one hand very strategic, based on timing and precision due to the great static nature of the characters; on the other, strongly characterized by a progression that is typical of many mobile games of this type freemium, from paywall e microtransactions rather intrusive.

There is one campaign in single player organized in leagues and tournaments with a higher degree of difficulty and with a certain degree of replayability, given the presence of some crossroads, but there is also a multiplayer online in real time to challenge other users and special events that are renewed cyclically.

At the beginning of the career we are given a low-level robot, which however we can enhance using the traditional loot obtained at the end of each match concluded victoriously. After that, the advancement mechanics are the well-tested ones that are often found in productions iOS e Android: prize funds to get new and more powerful characters, an action energy indicator that regulates the amount of matches we can play in a row and a health management that implies the obligation to resist with the same bar for an entire tournament, unless that a consumable is not used for healing.

Gameplay and technical realization

The short initial tutorial of World Robot Boxing 2 quickly introduces us to the commands, which use a virtual analog stick on the left side of the screen, unfortunately not repositionable, and only two buttons on the right side, to which a third one is added when we can perform a automatic combination of shots. The controller Bluetooth is not supported.

By mixing directions and keys you get different attacks and you have to learn to calculate well spaces and times so that they can hit, while the parry is activated by pulling the stick down but only if you do it with a certain advance. The result, as previously mentioned, is an experience with a certain degree of strategy, but at the same time not particularly deep nor capable of returning an excellent impact performance, although this aspect has been improved compared to previous episodes.

In terms of numbers, there is little to complain about: the roster of the game is made up of a total of sixty-six robots divided between six classes, with twelve arenas in which to duel and a lot of unlockable moves.

However, the technical sector lacks a bit of personality: although the fighters are well differentiated and boast excellent animations, especially as regards the finishers, the quality of their designs is fluctuating and the same can be said of the settings, very generic. The audio sector also has limitations: the commentary during the matches is nice, but music and effects do not leave their mark.

World Robot Boxing 2's problems, however, certainly don't lie in the graphics. The fixed touch controls on tablets can be uncomfortable, but it is above all the freemium model adopted by the developers to be binding, with continuous attempts to monetize between passes, precious currency and energy points in order to continue playing after a certain number of matches. This inevitably means that at some point in the campaign it is necessary to grind, replaying tournaments already completed in order to obtain the necessary materials to upgrade the robots and finally aim for victory in advanced matches, in which reflexes and precision alone do not. they can make a difference.


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World Robot Boxing 2 adds numbers, substance and form to the Reliance Games mobile series, introducing a large roster consisting of sixty-six different robots, with peculiar classes and unlockable moves, as well as a technical sector that finds its own in the animations and in the quality of the assets. strengths, net of some solutions that are a little too generic. The gameplay is not very different to what we remembered, with fighting mechanisms based on precision and timing, but the freemium model adopted for the occasion implies a little too many limitations.


  • Full-bodied campaign
  • Online multiplayer
  • Excellent technical realization ...
  • ... but it lacks personality
  • Limiting freemium model
  • Controls not adjustable
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