World of Warships: Lunar New Year 2021 event arrives

Wargaming announces his first update of this 2021 to World of Warships, a free title focusing on naval combat. From this January 20, players can celebrate the Lunar New Year with different and completely new themed contents, together with useful updates, balances, discounts and daily deliveries that you can find at this address and that we are now going to see more specifically.

World of Warships users can find a new challenge where they can get containers "The journey to the West" e Lunar New Year, which may contain various rewards, including pan-Asian vessels e permanent camouflages, provided, however, to complete the new combat missions. In the container "The journey to the west" it will also be possible to find some new ships Wujing and Sanzang and permanent camouflages Sha Wujing and Tang Sanzang. The Dragon Harbor, along with new signs and flags themed with the event. There is also a final reward with completing groups of combat missions and it is theAnshan with a 6 skill point Commander and a Port slot.

The ships, the Captains and even the newly added camouflage patterns take their name from the heroes of the famous novel "The journey to the West“, Like the former celestial general Sha Wujin and the Buddhist monk Tang Sanzang who here give name to the camouflages obtainable in the event.

Changes have also been made to Commander abilities. In fact, their skill system has undergone changes so that they can offer players one greater choice of combat builds that you can create to match the various styles of play most desired. All Commander abilities will be automatically redistributed with the use of a hint system, so as to guarantee the creating builds with effective skills for each ship of the new system. In this way players can reset their Commander's abilities for free.

So, in short:

  • Each of the Commanders has a separate skill section for each ship type.
  • The maximum number of skill points for a Commander has increased from 19 to 21.
  • Added skill hint system, capable of adapting to the selected ship.
  • Commanders with less than 21 skill points will be able to give players more EXP points than the Elite Commander.
  • Elite Commander experience points can be earned by dismissing unused Capitani.
  • New interface for the Captains skill system.

For the duration of the update you can restore skills and take down upgrades for free, in addition you will also have a discount for the retraining of your Captains. If you have an access level of 8 or higher you will receive 500 doubloons from the first access into play during the event, you just need to have installed the 0.10.0 update, reaching up to 600 doubloons with the completion of special combat missions.

Also added new Clan Melees open to all players, even to those who are not part of any Clan, in which you will be able to fight in the fourteenth and fifteenth melee in a format of 7 against 7. These take place with the modality of the Arms Race, which will see obtainable huge coal rewards, credits and experience points for Elite Commanders. The fourteenth Melee will be added on January 27, while the fifteenth on February 10.

Until the end of the event users will be able to complete shipyard combat missions in order to continue construction of the Hizen, thus progressing from the 22nd to the 26th phase in its realization. It is still possible to purchase these stages with the use of doubloons until the end of this update.

So here are all the news of this great new update dedicated to the Lunar New Year event for World of Warships, available for free on PC

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