World of Warcraft: Secretlab unveils gaming chairs for Horde and Alliance

Directly from the moors of World of Warcraft, MMORPG weblog Blizzard now in his career for many years, some really interesting gadgets arrive. Let's talk about the renowned ones Secretlab gaming chairs, which offer users premium and comfortable seats, themed with many successful video games. This time it's the turn of theHorde and Alliance, the two main factions in the history of Warcraft, which are represented by the company through two new models, already pre-orderable on the official website, which you can access through the following link.

The two Secretlab sessions are proposed for the version 2020 of the company, which brings several innovations for the two editions Titan e Omega, which will be available to both the Alliance and the Horde. As shown in the illustrative photos attached at the bottom of the article, we find two models quite similar in design, but which differ specifically in the symbolic colors of the two peoples represented. For the Alliance we find the main color blu, combined with shades of gold reminiscent of the symbolic city of Stormwind - also clearly present in World of Warcraft. The main icon of the faction is placed in the center of the seat, while the back represents a banner with the writing and the Secretlab logo on it. The faction of the Horde is brought into our homes in a similar fashion, albeit in almost opposite colors, the red and black. The latter colors most of the product, but is used together with the red in the dedicated banner, which features the classic symbol of the Horde in the center.

Players will soon be able to feel welcomed into the world of World of Warcraft from the comfort of their home, thanks to this new additional collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment really interesting. This is just another new model ready to debut in 2020, you have already read our article regarding the recent announcement of the themed gaming chair Rust Secretlab license plate?

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