World of Warcraft Legion - Review

The Legion is back and it's up to us to stop it to protect Azeroth from its devastating return! After Archimonde's defeat, Gul'Dan was sent to Azeroth to open the ancient Tomb of Sargeras and seize power that allowed the evil orc to open a huge new portal for the Burning Legion and earn a place as commander of this last one. A first assault of the Horde and the Alliance saw the one side loss of their warlord Vol'Jin and on the other the death of their beloved king Varian Wrynn. The only way to stop the legion is to go to the Broken Isles to find the five Pillars of Creation: ancient artifacts created by the Watchers of the Titans for the creation and development of our world.

Once on this new continent we will find a friendly city hosted by us already seen during The Wrath of the Lich King: I'm naturally talking about the dear old Dalaran which, now commanded by the archmage Khadgar after the expulsion of Jaina Proudmoore, will be our capital during our adventure. Dalaran will be on the first zone of Wuest called the Broken Shore which will be the intro for the 5 big new zones: Azsuna, Val'sharah, Alto Monte, Stroheim and Suramar. In World of Warcraft Legion we have an exploratory novelty and the choice of character leveling; in fact, here we can choose any one, among the first four zones, mentioned above to level up given a scaling of the increasing difficulty based on our level (certainly a great way to give us the opportunity to explore all the zones without becoming over-leveled for the zone region itself). Suramar instead will be the area to which everyone can access once they reach level 110 and it is where we will be able to get a general picture of where the pillars are and what actions will be taken to stop the Legion.


If we weren't ready for a real invasion by the Burning Legion before, now, thanks to some legendary gear, we certainly will! In fact, during one of the first phases of World of Warcraft Legion, we will be sent by the greatest exponents of our class to become part of the appropriate enclave; once inside we will immediately be sent on a mission to search for a legendary artifact that will change and will be tied to the specialization we choose. Each class will have different adventures based on the choice we make and after a fantastic adventure entirely connected to the lore of the game, we will take possession of legendary weapons that will help us throughout the adventure. The peculiar thing about these weapons is determined by the presence of an internal talent branch; during our adventure between Quest, Dungeon, World Event and Raid we will have the opportunity to accumulate fragments that will increase the points of our artifact giving us the opportunity to access new weapon talents and skill upgrades already present in our specializations. Last but not least is the possibility of being able to insert special gems which in addition to increasing the item level of the weapon will give us the possibility to increase, based on the specific gem, one point of a talent of the legendary weapon (for example, if we have a trait of the artifact that has 3 points and for each point increases the damage by 1%, by inserting a gem of that talent, we will add a fourth point to bring the total damage increased from 3 to 4%)

In addition to these legendary weapons that will accompany us throughout the World of Warcraft Legion, we will have the opportunity to find others 6 legendary artifacts specific to our class with the only possibility, however, of being able to equip only 2 of all. Among these we can find besides the usual necklaces, rings and trinkets, also armor breasts such as shoulders, full, helmets and so on. To help the player in choosing the pieces to ensure that we can have both legendary 2 and the full bonus of Tier armor; Blizzard has decided to add a sixth piece to it, namely the cape; thanks to this choice, in fact, as mentioned above, we will be able to have both artifacts and a complete Tier bonus and have the ability to change equipment based on the type of fight without creating too many problems for the player.

Legion Hunters

A new heroic class joins our ranks to counter the Burning Legion, Or the Demon hunter. This new class introduced in World of Warcraft Legion ties directly into the first expansion story “The Burning Crusade”; in fact, during the penultimate raid of that adventure, we infiltrated the Black Temple, the former home of the Draenei and now the home of Illidan Stormrage, known as the Traitor. Here we discover that the dear old brother of Mafurion had in mind a plan to assault Mardum, Former prison created by Sargeras to prevent the demons from reforming in the Twisting Nether, which later became the madness of the titan one of the bases of the Burning Legion. Here we will have to recover an artifact, called Sargerite Keystone, which will allow our Master to better fight the Legion and help save Azeroth. Everything went according to plan until an unexpected action given by fate: the defeat of Illidan and his imprisonment by Maiev Shadowsong, led to imprisonment all his disciples, called the Illidari; and this is where we come to the present day: after several years we are awakened by the same prison to be used as weapons to fight the Legion and ensure that the will of our master is fulfilled.

Besides its physical characteristics given by the demonic horns, the tattoos on the body and the typical Illidan-Style eye patch, the Demon Hunter presents itself to us with the peculiarity of being the only class in the game with only 2 branches of Specialization: Havoc, the talent that will allow us to use all of our legion damage punishment against them in a torrent of pure chaos and Vengeance. The other art of the Hunter's Medal is that instead of surviving the punishments inflicted by the Legion, it feeds on the fury derived from knowing that it is Azeroth's last hope. Havoch will be the specialization that will transform our body into a more resistant one and will allow us to play the role of Tank in game, loading our spells thanks to the "PENALTY" bar; Vengeance instead will use the Fury bar that will charge and consume based on the attacks you make (both are very similar to the Warrior's Rage) and will allow us to be a DPS in our raid against the Legion. As the Death Knight is a prestige class, their missions start at level 90 and Blizzard stated while answering some questions during Gamescom 2016 that "This class will be easy to manage but very difficult to master".

Personally it is not the first time, and I hope it is really so given that the choice of not putting a second damage specialization and then doing the typical triptych of talents, was made specifically to make players focus on a single specialization per tank. and for dps. Lastly, I would like to quote Marsala on his new song dedicated to Legion, quoting a phrase from his piece: "The new expansion… Sai Demon Hunter brings a trillion… Maybe that's why it's called the Legion… Like the DK in Lich King… THE DK IN LICH KING! "

Game, Sound and Graphic… HEARD MY CALL!

Certainly a key factor in the World of Warcraft expansion cycle was always marked by a excellent graphics and sound sector. In World of Warcraft Legion we find once again an excellent sector in both these elements but with something more very particular: until now, in fact, the WoW artistic sector, of almost all the previous expansions, has found itself having to create continuous of adventures already narrated in the trilogy (or quadrilogy if you see Warcraft III divided into 2 parts) of the Warcraft saga, this factor has in fact caused an incomplete detachment on an artistic level from the scenarios and music used in the predecessors of our Blizzardian MMO; this full detachment only occurred during the Mist of Pandaria expansion, which demonstrated to the world Mother B's skill in creating new and exceptional content from a creative point of view. In Legion we find a completely new graphic and sound choice due to the adventure in a whole new continent, however, strongly linked to the lore of The Burning Crusade; with this awareness in fact I can tell you that from an artistic point of view I have never tried anything so beautiful: the greatly improved graphics show us models of new and old monsters in 5 environments, each different from the other for morphology, flora and fauna ; five zones that will give you a unique experience from each other. To give greater help in the uniqueness of these new regions, sound takes on an even more fundamental role in our adventure; this in fact is very well correlated to the area where we are and to the questline we are following, making us better perceive the emotions that Blizzard wants to convey to us in that brief but specific moment of our adventure.

So dynamic and so fun

This is the experience you will have while leveling World of Warcraft Legion; during our adventure to conquer the four pillars of creation in fact we will be able to play as we want with any of our friends, guilders or casual players that we can find thanks to the leveling scaling present in this expansion. No more experience drop problems given by the leveling in groups or with characters of a higher level than yours; the dynamism with which we can quest will allow us to be or be able to help at any time and we can also take advantage of the scaling to enter any dungeon without losing too much experience to our friend of the highest level: in Legion everyone has the chance to reach 110 being able to collaborate like a real guild, or with the possibility of being able to interact better with our friends without running into any risk of loss of experience. Last, but not least, this scaling factor allows even the most hungry players of WoW history to be able to face all the possible quests of an area without of course running into quests that could be under-leveled for us and therefore without receiving little exp: everything is done so that you can live this leveling experience to the fullest without having moments of frustration as happened in the past.

To complete this picture of cosmic joy of the perfect player, we find the new work system: of these, in fact, the only ones that helped us by giving us experience, were only those of collection as mining; on Legion we will find a new working system that will influence recipe learning during our leveling, giving us the opportunity to carry them out at best even during our adventure during leveling.

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