Woodle Tree 2: Worlds Review

Our journey into the indie landscape continues with Woodle Tree 2: Worlds, the second chapter of the saga created by Fabio Ferrara and edited by Chubby Pixel, available on Steam. This time a new and dangerous mission awaits us: are you ready to save Wood Land together with our log friend? Then get ready!

Welcome back to Wood Land

This time, unlike the first title, we will not have a brief presentation of our mission so we will meet again immediately catapulted into this vast and colorful world. Our aim will be to wander around Wood Land in search of water droplets which, later on, will be useful for us to defeat once and for all the black slime that is taking over our world, stealing energy from living creatures. As always, our log will have its trusty green leaf to fight against enemies and its bag to collect berries, useful for survival. In this second chapter, however, things are different! Our little trunk will have compared to the first chapter of new skills: will be able to jump and run thanks to the use of some particular flowers that we will find on the ground, useful for covering long distances in a short time. Furthermore lour leaf will be more lethal than ever! In fact, during the course of the title, it will have different sizes (depending on how much life we ​​have available) and in addition to attacking our enemies, the leaf will be useful to us as parachute after performing a double jump: in this way we will be able to reach areas far from our reach without problems. In addition to this, during our journey we will come across small ones updrafts which will allow us to rise, in a very delicate way, and reach new places. This time our mission will develop through eight levels featuring eight maps: at the beginning of the game we will find ourselves in a particular map and, the other 8, will be unlockable during the course of the title.

New friends

Certainly there is no lack of visual impact due to the chromatic vastness that characterizes Woodle Tree 2 Worlds: we will find ourselves in a colorful world, characterized by bright colors and funny characters. This time the world we're going to explore will be much larger than the previous one, but getting lost will be less difficult thanks to the presence of some signs on the ground that will serve as a "path to follow". Thanks to them I managed to miss less than Woodle Tree Adventures (and luckily!). Another novelty concerns the waterfalls and our small leaf: thanks to it we will have the possibility to collect the water through the falls and to use it to give life to dying plants which, unfortunately, we will often find scattered throughout the game. We will also no longer be alone during this adventure! In this new chapter we will be able to play in a cooperative with the help of a friend of ours who will look like a small and tender fox orange: if you want you can play with up to 3 friends, for a total of 4 players. The flaw, however, is always the same: the camera. Unfortunately in this title the fixed camera persists and could even make us lose our orientation during the jumps, making us fall. Fortunately, however, the checkpoint: in case of death, therefore, we will not be forced to rerun the entire level. Obviously all these novelties and the addition of skills to our trunk are interesting, but they make the game even more complicated as you go: but don't get discouraged and accept the challenge, you can do it!

In conclusion

We can say that Woodle Tree 2: Worlds is a great creation, innovative and fun. Perhaps the lack of initial narration could confuse the player, not allowing him to understand his purpose. The sound and visual sector are at the height of the first title, with bright and lively colors, but with significantly improved graphic details. The encore has also arrived with regard to music, simple and very perfect for this new unmissable adventure. The addition of new features and skills have certainly raised expectations and made this chapter unique, without losing sight, as always, of the difficulty that is encountered going forward.

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