Winged Triumph Objective / Trophy Guide

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Lightning Returns FFXIII: How to Beat Aironet [Winged Triumph]


Aironet is one of the most fearsome bosses in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. Here are our tips for defeating this ugly dog ​​who thinks himself a little bird.

Winged Triumph Objective / Trophy Guide

Aironet is one of the strongest bosses featured in Lightning Returns and you'll have to beat him if you want to unlock this achievement and take your macho ego to the next level.

Aironet appears in the Dune Ass starting from day 7 until day 13. The position in which it appears changes all the time (it appears every 2-4 hours). If you have difficulty finding it, know that in the area shown in the video below you will find it from 16:00 to 20:00.

The first tip is to leave this fight for your second game of Lightning Returns. In fact, in the New Game + you will certainly have more powerful weapons and shields and the clash with this dino-nonsecapiscecosa will be much easier.

Before starting the fight, make sure you have the EP to the maximum, and above all get a good supply of healing items.

Here how to face the fight to defeat Aironet:

1) Use magic to stun him. After you stun him 4 times he will fall to the ground and that's when you can cause the most damage.

2) When stunned, use potions that increase your attack power.

3) Cast the spell that lowers the enemy's defenses

4) Now abuse the most powerful attack you have. All this should possibly be done with the "Soldier of Peace" outfit equipped (follow the guide to unlock the costumes for more details), managing to inflict from 100.000 to 500.000 points of damage with each shot.

Here is a video showing the strategy just described. See the Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game. Good luck!

And with this we have fixed Aironet. Are you having a hard time with any of the other bad guys in the game? Then also follow the guide to beat all the bosses of Lightning Returns.

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