Windows 10 Sun Valley: here are the details on the features and the new UI

For months rumored and - at the moment - not even available for members of the Insider program, Windows 10 Sun Valley will be the expected update for the operating system of Microsoft products which will enrich the software's functional range, also introducing various graphical and functional improvements. Code-named Windows 10 21H2, the "main update" developed by the Redmond company will introduce, for the first time, the new graphic interface called, in fact, Sun Valley. The latter will have the task of giving a refresh and bring a breath of fresh air to an OS that, since it was released to the public, has not been characterized by particular improvements at the interface level. Based on what has been communicated so far, the new UI will be floating, that is detached from the taskbar and will have more rounded corners in the various screens, with new animations transition.

A will be introduced News Feed, that is a panel from which it will be possible not only to check the various system settings but also to read the various notifications. Microsoft would also seem to want to focus on improving the stability of the system which, since the beginning of the operating system, has been the subject of numerous criticisms from users. There will also be a GPU management system which, if present in a number greater than one, can be managed according to uses and applications. It is not clear at the moment how this program is able to affect performance, so we must definitely wait for the arrival of the stable version to be able to understand its actual potential.

And, speaking of the arrival of the update, all the clues at the moment seem to lead toautumn of the 2021. The July window should be used for the release of the update Windows 10 21H1 which, according to what was leaked, would bring as a dowry bugfix and little else new. All that remains is to wait for official news from Microsoft in the coming weeks regarding what will be the most important update in the history of Windows 10.

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