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The Windows 10 PC works fine until a bad system update, a corrupted file and even a driver update can cause the computer to freeze and show you the following message “Preparing for automatic recovery…” when Windows starts. When you restart your computer, Windows 10 gets stuck in the automatic recovery loop.

You can fix your Windows 10 device stuck during auto recovery by using these solutions. Sometimes, Windows 10 runs the automatic startup repair tool whenever there is a problem with a system file or a failed software update that causes problems with Windows 10 starting.

The Automatic Repair Tool attempts to find and fix the file that is causing the problem. However, corrupted files may prevent the Automatic Repair Tool from running.

Here's how you restart Windows 10 to load and run into automatic recovery mode. If Windows 10 is stuck in the automatic recovery loop, these are some of the solutions you can try to repair the Windows Automatic Repair loop.

1. Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode and scan your system

Safe Mode is a diagnostic tool built into Windows 10 that can be used to scan for corrupt files and system errors. Load a basic version of Windows with no third-party programs to help you fix startup errors. Boot into Safe Mode and follow these steps:

Step 1: shut down your windows 10 laptop.

Step 2: now click the power button. Immediately after clicking the power button, press the F8 key and then select “View advanced repair options”.

Step 3: go to Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Startup Settings> Restart.

Step 4: now select “Enable Safe Mode with Networking” by choosing the numeric key 5 (or F5) on the keyboard.

Step 5: one After starting Windows in Safe Mode, right-click on the Start menu and select Windows PowerShell (Administrator).

Step 6: a window will open. In this window, type the following command and allow the process to complete. This process scans the entire Windows for damaged files so it can take some time.

DISM / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth

Step 7: restart your PC in safe mode again and now run the following command in Windows PowerShell.

sfc / scannow

2. Run the fixboot and chkdsk commands

If the above method didn't work for you, you can try using the Fixboot and chkdsk commands for when Windows 10 gets stuck in bootloop in auto recovery mode. These commands work like the previous ones by repairing damaged files.

Step 1: di again, turn off your computer and turn it on while holding the F8 key.

Step 2: now, instead of choosing Startup Settings, select Command Prompt option. This will take you directly to a command prompt.

Step 3: At the command prompt, enter the following to start a "low-level" check of Windows files.

chkdsk c: / r

Step 4: you can also try using the Fixboot command if the chksdk command doesn't work. In the same Command Prompt window, enter the following command:

fixboot c:

Step 5: it is You can also run these commands, line by line, to “rebuild” the boot data.

bootrec.exe / rebuildbcd

bootrec.exe / fixmbr

bootrec.exe / fixboot

3. Restore the Windows registry

Step 1: launch Command Prompt option by going to Advanced Repair Options.

Step 2: at the command prompt, enter the following command.

C:WindowsSystem32configregback* C:WindowsSystem32config

Step 3: if asked to overwrite files, type All and press Enter.

Step 4: now type exit in the command prompt and try to start windows normally.

4. Disable the automatic recovery tool

Sometimes, the problem lies with the automatic recovery tool. While not recommended, you can temporarily disable it to check if your computer boots without performing a startup repair. To disable the Windows 10 Automatic Repair Tool, follow these steps.

Step 1: start Windows by pressing the F8 key.

Step 2: once again, select the Command Prompt option.

Step 3: now, in the command prompt, enter the following command.

bcdedit / set {default} recoveryenabled No

Step 4: now type exit and try to start Windows 10 in the usual way.

5. Reconnect the laptop battery, hard drive and USB devices

If you recently plugged a peripheral into your computer or plugged it in, try ejecting it and starting Windows. If your laptop has a removable battery, try taking it out for a few seconds and then restart the Windows 10 laptop.

6. Reset your Windows 10 device

The last resort for a Windows computer stuck in an automatic recovery boot loop is Windows 10 recovery. To recover a Windows 10 PC, select Troubleshoot in the Advanced Repair option and then select Repair this PC. If resetting the PC option also doesn't help, install a fresh copy of Windows 10 on your PC.

Start using Windows 10 again

Windows 10 encountered some problems installing new updates, so it is recommended that you backup your important PC data to the cloud or to an external hard drive. Have you tried any of the solutions mentioned above? Let us know which one worked in the comments section below.

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