Windjammers 2: released the first gameplay trailer

2 Windjammers, the long-awaited sequel to the arcade launch title of the Frisbee that made the history of the 90s, was announced some time ago, but today we can finally admire the work done by DotEmu in action.

The first Windjammers was initially published on NeoGeo in 1994, conquering all the arcades in the world in a very short time. This title was the first to focus on a brutal launch of the competitive Frisbee, which thanks to the super skills of each character, created real battles between players. This engaging title had made a great mix of dynamics, joining even the goals of the most classic football games, as the goal was to score in the opponent's goal. 

After Nintendo Direct last August, when this sequel was announced, we couldn't wait to see it in action and finally we were satisfied. From the first glance, we realized that the developers' job was not to overturn the original graphic style, trying to keep it similar, but with the right extra tweaks. The intrinsic dynamics of the game remained the same, although new characters were added, EX moves remained, usable only after filling the bar on the screen, and several modes for single player and multiplayer were added.

Unfortunately for us, 2 Windjammers does not yet have an official release date, we only know that the launch is scheduled for PC e switch during this 2019. Enjoy the video, enjoy it.

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