Will the Wolf Among Us 2 be shown at the Game Awards 2020?

As you well know, the11th December will be held2020 edition of The Game Awards, event created and directed by Geoff Keighley dedicated to the world of videogames, which it intends to reward the best games available for console and PC. But that's not all, given that on the occasion of the highly anticipated show some of the titles that could see the light in the coming years will be shown in absolute preview. Well, according to what emerged on the well-known videogame forum, reddit, Telltale Games after a long period away from the spotlight it could show on the stage of The Game Awards 2020 the long awaited The Wolf Among Us 2.

Telltale Games will show a special video discussing the development of Wolf 2, showing the game's concept art and a release window of when the game will be released.

At the moment there is no certainty about the actual presence of the US development team at the event Geoff Keighley, and that this is linked to the announcement of The Wolf Among Us 2, therefore we remind you to take such news with due precautions, since it is simple rumors. The latest update on the highly acclaimed IP of Telltale Games dates back to 12 December 2019, right on the stage of The Game Awards, during which it was announced that Adam Harrington ed Erin Yvette would return to lend their voices to the characters of Bigby and Snow, ready to unravel new mysteries. Would you like a return to the series? While waiting to learn more, we remind you that i The Game Awards 2020 will begin at one in the morning, Friday 11 December.

Fairytale characters are murdered in this tough, violent and mature thriller based on Bill Willingham's award-winning Fables (DC Comics / Vertigo) comic series. As Bigby Wolf - THE Big Bad Wolf - you'll find that a brutal and bloody murder is just a foretaste of what's to come in an episodic game where your every decision can have huge consequences.

  • Based on the Eisner award winning Fables comic series
  • Not only will your decisions affect your story, but also WHEN you choose to make them
  • A mature and gritty interpretation of some characters from fairy tales, legends and folklore who have fled to our world
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