Wild Rift: officially announced the mobile version of League of Legends

Like a bolt from the blue, the software house Riot Games today announced several new titles in development. Among these we find Wild rift, the official version of the hugely popular MOBA league of legends for mobile systems. Although it is already possible on the phone stores to find different games of the same genre, there are no real official ports. This is precisely what the software house in question is developing, focusing on maintaining the competitive spirit of the first version of the game and its most iconic features.

It will be possible to try Wild rift through alpha and beta releases prior to early 2020, and Riot Games he plans to release the complete project before the start of 2021. There will be only 40 champions in the primordial version of the title, but more will obviously be added through post-launch support. What the software house focuses on is to create an export that is also accessible outside the home stations, through the classic ranks that we have already seen on league of legends and organized tournaments. We don't know when we will be able to get our hands on the new title coming, but it is already official that everyone who has played the PC version will have bonuses on their previous game time.

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