WiLD: new concept art would confirm that the project is still alive

Announced during the Gamescom 2014, WiLD, the new branded exclusive PlayStation 4 di Michel Ancel, has remained a mystery for years, but in the past few hours something seems to be stirred up. New ones have emerged on the game's official website concept art, portraying different locations and characters from the game world, showing that the project is still in the works. Below is the official description of the title:

WiLD is set in a lush and expansive world where you will learn and adapt to the ever-changing world around you, as you uncover the secrets of the earth. As one would expect from mother nature, the world will continually change through different times of the day, weather and seasonal changes.

The latest updates related to WiLD date back to the last March 13, when the Japanese company filed a new patent relating to the intellectual property of the game. At the moment we don't know if Ancel's new work will continue to remain exclusive to the current PS4, or will look to the future, debuting soon on the new PlayStation 5.


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