Wild: Michel Ancel's title returns under a new brand

In the succession of news and days, it sometimes happens that some announced titles fall into inexorable silence. This is the story of Wild, title designed exclusively PS4, created by Michel Ancel (Beyond Good & Evil 2 ), certainly not a stranger.

This interesting title was initially revealed during the Gamescom 2014, and then supported with the publication of the first gameplay video during the Paris Games Week 201. After these two flashes, the title remained in the shadows until Ancel, in the course of July 2017, confirmed to continue working on Wild, despite the commitments of Beyond Good & Evil 2 they began to get heavier and heavier. After the words of Ancel, the title was no longer spotted getting lost in the maze of our memory, fortunately, however, the news about the new brand appeared on the net Sony that could rekindle our hopes.

The Japanese company has indeed registered a new brand for Game in the United States on March 13, 2019. The news is certainly positive, because it means that Sony has not abandoned the project, although at the moment we are not sure if the title will be directly ported to the next generation of consoles or if it arrives on PlayStation 4.

What do you think of this interesting title?

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